Alpha Support

iOS App Beta Update - Build 170327.1013

Hi beta testers,

Thanks for the great feedback we’ve received since the beginning of the Alpha iOS beta. Please make sure you upgrade to the newest version Build 170315.985 to enjoy these new goodies. We're now about 1 or 2 more builds away from submitting to the app store. Can't wait!

Build 170327.1013 includes:

  • Chromecast support
    • Allows casting in-app when watching a video by selecting a Chromecast receiver
    • Will only appear if a Chromecast device is on your local network
    • Volume and playback controls will control the Chromecast remotely provided you don't lock the screen or exit the app
    • Provides Control Center playback control support
    • Pressing the chromecast icon allows you to disconnect from the Chromecast receiver
    • Does not provide lock-screen playback controls support due to limitations of Chromecast API
  • Airplay support
    • Allows AirPlay to an airplay receiver in-app when watching a video
    • Will appear if there is an Airplay receiver on your network
    • Provides control center support
    • Provides lock-screen playback controls

As always, if you have any Alpha-related questions or comments, please shoot us a note at (if it’s app related, please include “iOS app” in the subject).


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