Alpha Support

iOS App Beta Update - Build 170522.1107

Hi beta testers,

Thanks for the great feedback we've received thus far. We have a new build we would like you to test. It contains features that many of our members have been asking for. For beta testers that have already installed the official app, installing this build will override the official app. Should you run into any problems with the beta build, you can always revert back to the official app.

Build 170522.1107 includes:

  • Videos can be minimized by swiping down on video playback screen. The minimized video will continue to play while you browse the app.
  • Support for Airplay and Chromecast while video is minimized
  • New (( |> )) button in Chat allows you to see what's currently live while chatting
  • Video playback screen now has a tab for Chat to allow you to watch a video while in a chat room.
  • When opening a live show, a chat room will be automatically opened for the Live show you are watching.

As always, if you have any Alpha-related questions or comments, please shoot us a note at (if it’s beta app related, please include “Beta iOS app” in the subject).


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