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Alpha Desktop Update 6/27/2017

Hi everyone!

We'd like to give an update on what we've been working on over the last couple of months. We have been working on providing an adaptive HTML5 live player that will eventually replace the existing Flash live player. You may have seen it labeled as an Experimental live player when watching a live stream. We're very happy with how it's been performing and hope to roll it out exclusively over the next few weeks.

Additionally, our Live to VOD turnaround time has greatly improved. Most shows get turned around under 24 hours and unedited versions are usually available within an hour after the live stream has ended. We are continuing to work on making this process as realtime as possible.

As for fixes, we have released the following:

  • Fixed Chromecast bug. Users should be able to perform this action without any issue.
  • Fixed playlist functionality. Videos in a playlist now continuously play within a playlist.
  • Fixed multiple Chromecast buttons when watching videos in a playlist.
  • Fixed chat scroll. Chat will no longer rubberband users to the bottom when looking at chat history.
  • Fixed Live Now button. When going across days, the Live Now button would disappear. This should no longer be an issue.

As always, if you have any Alpha-related questions or comments, please shoot us a note at



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