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Alpha Desktop Update 7/18/2017


Hi everyone!

Today we released an update to the website that was heavily influenced by the feedback and suggestions we received from our members (we plan on releasing the iOS app version for the first 2 bullet points over the next couple of weeks).

Below is the list of goodies:
  • Video player remembers where you last left off on a video
  • Member’s viewing history is now visible on the Alpha homepage
  • When going to Watch > See All shows, you now see the listing of all shows once.
  • Members are now able to use keyboard functions to pause, rewind, and fast forward
  • Allow members to enter an email address before telling them if the email is valid or not
  • Members can now purchase items from the Alpha store via mobile devices.

As always, if you have any Alpha-related questions or comments, please shoot us a note at


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