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Latest Bug List

We have released a testable version of the Alpha app on Google today. If you are a member, you can download and sign in to the app by going here:


Below is a list of features and bugs that are on the list of being addressed (please do not submit a ticket to support if you see your request here):

  • App Testing not available worldwide, only US. [Fixed]
  • Live content is not working.

  • App force closes after using back button on main page to exit (every device) and I have to log in and insert credentials afterwards because app doesn't remember them.

  • App crashes when using the back button

  • Every time I try to open an episode of Talks Machina the app crashes.

  • App sometimes crashes when pressing the the volume buttons when I start a VOD

  • When playing a video and going to a different app, upon returning to Alpha, the video starts from the beginning instead of from where it left off.

  • Swiping down does not reload page / check for new videos

Galaxy S6 running Android 7.0, July 1 2017 patch.

  • Video playback does not gracefully resume from phone lock/unlock. While a video is playing, if I lock my phone, playback stops, when I unlock it again it attempts to resume and either fails with a black screen, or the audio begins playing but the video still is frozen.

  • Stability after being force minimized via home button or app losing focus. When this occurs and you return to the app it appears normal until you attempt video playback, then the app gives a crash notice, sometimes you can still hear the video audio in the background while crashing.

Google Pixel XL 1st edition with all OS updates installed

  • Have keyboard rules accessible to the app. Currently capitalization and spell-check are not functional.
  • Allow a preference setting to have it stop the phone from turning-off/sleeping the screen. Keeping the screen alive is necessary for the feed to remain alive and leaving the chat room and coming back is currently the only option to refresh and update.

Nexus 5x

  • Pressing the "Back" button on my phone when viewing the show schedule crashes app 


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