Alpha Support

I’m having problems with getting videos to play on your site.

If you’re watching Alpha on a web browser on your computer, please check the following:

  1. Check that any antivirus/ad-blocking software or firewalls are not blocking content playback. If so, turn them off or whitelist in your approved list.
  2. Have the most current version of the browser you’re using installed.
  3. Make sure you didn’t disable HTML5 playback or HTML5 autoplay playback.
  4. Check your bandwidth. For the best experience, we recommend a downstream bandwidth of 5 Megabits per second (Mbps) or higher.
  5. Check that no other bandwidth or memory intensive applications are running. If you have other browsers or browser tabs open, try closing them and see if that improves performance.
  6. Try restarting the browser, and if that doesn't help try restarting the computer.
  7. Make sure you have JavaScript and cookies enabled on your browser. You can confirm that by visiting here. You can find instructions for enabling your cookies by here or enabling JavaScript by here

If none of the above options work, this might be a problem your modem/router.

  1. First try restarting your modem/router.
  2. If this does not work, then you may to change your DNS settings. This is a good list of routers with instructions on how to get to your DNS  Instead of connecting automatically, you can manually use Google's free DNS:
    Then try accessing Alpha again.


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