Alpha Support

What features will be rolling out over the next couple of months?

Over time, many features will be rolling out. A few of the features that you can expect to see are the following:

  • Additional Payment methods
  • iOS and Android apps - iOS is in Beta
  • Near realtime live to VOD turnaround time
  • Achievements and Badges
  • Chromecast
  • Chat Whispering
  • DMing
  • Video - Remember where you left off on a video
  • Video - keyboard controls
  • Create watchlist for later viewing
  • Special emotes for chat
  • Ability to use the arrow keys and space bar similar to other video players when watching previously recorded videos. Would like to be able to search backwards/forwards in small chunks (5-30 seconds) with the left/right arrow keys, and also be able to pause the video using space bar.
  • Allow users to select the quality for VOD videos, even if it means buffering.
  • Remove any flash plugins to HTML5 player
  • Search for members
  • Search needs to look at Show name metadata for results
  • Ability to search by cast members
  • Make some of the shows available as Podcasts


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