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Alpha Bug List

Hi everyone!

Here is our updated bug list. If you see your issue here, no need to submit feedback to us:


Live Alpha Player

  • Player that supports multivariable bitrates. This will allow users to select the bitrate or allow the player to auto adjust based on bandwidth. This will solve the choppy video and framerate loss some members have been experiencing when watching a live video. - In Flight

VOD Playback

  • When going from one video to the next, the volume resets to max.
  • On Windows (10), when a user opens another tab while watching a video, the video resets to the start of the video.
  • Scanning through a video at times restarts the video.


  • Members can create a username with "-" in the name, but you can't tag someone in chat.
  • Chat window disappears when resizing the browser to mobile view
  • When resizing a window to a smaller view, chat is closed out. It should never close out unless the member explicitly takes that action.
  • When using Edge in the chat field triggers autofill when using the down arrow
  • When watching a VOD video, if I go full screen and then go out of full screen with the chat window open, the chat scrolls up a good amount.
  • When a member is scrolling up in chat history, if a new chat is made, it returns the member back down to the newest entry.
  • Allow moderators to decide which chats to be sticky


  • Pulldown in calendar is hidden. Can barely click Outlook tab since its hidden under footer when using Safari.


  • Unable to search using !. When typing in Signal Boost! it returns no results.


  • Shows that are followed do not appear in the Following section.
  • Reports that some members are not getting notifications when new videos are made available for shows they follow.
  • Forums (Discuss) are not visible in Firefox browsers
  • No ability to right click on a link
  • Shows that do not have show pages because there is no VOD.. there needs to be a way to show information about the show when clicking on the show name.
  • Sometime people and shows that are followed do not appear immediately.
  • Users can't sign up using Chrome Autofill.

If there's something you'd like to add, please email 


  • Members who go landscape and chat may cause the app to crash. - DONE
  • The "Please enter a valid email" error comes up before a user finishes typing an email. - DONE
  • Members are unable to purchase from the store from mobile devices. - DONE
  • Remember where you last left off in a video across platforms. - DONE
  • Allow users to user keyboard to control FF, RW, Play, and Pause. - DONE
  • When a member is scrolling up in chat history, if a new chat is made, it returns the member back down to the newest entry.
  • Members who sign up using iTunes and then go to the billing and payments section under the user's profile in the app will crash the app.
  • Some show may appear to be On-Air hours after the show has ended.
  • Live player is currently not working on Samsung Galaxy 7 devices. (The Alternative/Experimental) player works.
  • Live player is currently not playing on Xbox One Edge. (The Alternative/Experimental) player works.
  • Members are unable to sign in using Edge or IE on PCs. - DONE
  • Members are unable to sign in using Chrome on iOS devices. - DONE
  • When watching a live stream, if a member is in a chat room and presses the space bar, it pauses the live stream - DONE
  • Members are receiving delayed notifications - DONE
  • iPad Pro Devices -> When you tap on Watch, it brings up a small list of shows. If you filter by Nerdist or Geek & Sundry, and then hit "all shows" there's no change--the same shows appear. - DONE
  • Define what special characters are accepted in a password and display the invalid character if there's an error. - DONE
  • Twitch Authentication is buggy. Please go here for more information- DONE
  • Users who sign up to Alpha and then immediately cancelled are unable to access the site. These users should be able to access the site until their trial expires. - DONE
  • Shipping address bug was preventing user from signing up. - DONE
  • VOD was not viewable to International users. - DONE
  • On Android phones, when going to a new page it opens up the keyboard (Chrome). - DONE
  • Ability to watch Smiletime across Edge, Firefox and Chrome browsers. - DONE
  • Ability to watch Smiletime with higher quality video. - DONE
  • Language Code missing in HTML header. - DONE
  • Change dates into global format (e.g. 2 Oct 2016) - DONE
  • When there are 2 live streams going on at the same time, when someone selects On Air on the nav, allow the members to select which stream to go to. - DONE
  • Schedule show incorrect timezone information, especially for international users and Arizona - DONE
  • Allow users to go back 1 day from the current date in the schedule - WILL NOT FIX. No longer using dates.
  • When there are two live streams on at the same time and someone selects On Air, the times of the shows listed is not correct. - DONE
  • Certificate Error when members where signing in with newest version of Apple OS - DONE
  • Be clearer with password requirements when signing up - DONE
  • Lose chat messages when you close chatroom and reopen it - DONE
  • Number of members in chat room does not match the number of people actually in a chat room - DONE
  • Address character limitation in chat - Increased to 255 - DONE
  • Make the size of emojis and text in chat a couple of pixels larger - DONE
  • On Samsung android mobil devices, when going into chat, the keyboard comes up randomly when going through the site. - DONE
  • Certain Android devices do not play video - DONE
  • Certain Android devices take too long to play video - DONE
  • Windows 10, Firefox 49 does not play video - DONE
  • Video Entitlement Errors when trying to play video - DONE
  • Shipping Country not provided by member and is displayed incorrectly in member profile. - DONE
  • Video playback doesn't work under Linux - Chromium 53 - DONE



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