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Alpha Release Notes 1/24/2018

Hi everyone!

Below is a summary of what has been released in this update. As always, if you have any Alpha-related questions or comments, please shoot us a note at



This has been fixed. Users will see a dot next to the bell icon in the upper right when a show they follow adds a new video or when someone begins to follow them.


Push Notifications

When going to Alpha there will be a pop up window asking if you want to receive web push notifications (using Chrome or Firefox). If you decide to agree to accept notifications, you will be notified for the following:

  • If you’re following a show, sometimes you will be notified that a live stream is about to go live.
  • Global broadcasts for things that are relevant to Alpha users.

You can always decide to turn notifications off by going to your notification section or by clicking here.  

You can also turn off notifications in Chrome by:

  • Going here: chrome://settings/content/notifications
  • Locate
  • Select the three button icon
  • Select block or remove


Live Player

We’ve updated the live player to allow users to select their own bitrate (when available) on desktop. This feature has been recently added to the Android app as well.


Closed Captions

Critical Role closed captions are making its way to Alpha with Talks Machina shortly thereafter.


Back End Updates

  • Improved caching
  • Back end services upgrades
  • Deprecate a live player we no longer use


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